Vertical Hanging Garden Planter

Vertical Hanging Garden Planter

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Add beauty and function to your backyard, deck, or terrace. Easily attach to a fence using zip-ties or mount on a wall using hooks, nails, or screws to create a space saving garden ready for live or synthetic plant. You can use our Vertical Hanging Garden Planter to decorate your garden or interior.

Grow strawberries, cilantro, basil, oregano, arugula, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and many other delicious fruits, herbs, or vegetables right outside your kitchen door. You don't even have to go down to harvest.

The sturdy felt cups are roomy enough to take a small pot or fill directly with potting soil. Moisture is held in the pouch to nourish the root ball while the breathable material lets air circulate around the plant for optimum growing conditions


  • Grow All Your Herbs In Just One Place: Grow a complete selection of herbs right outside your back door. You don't even have to bend down to harvest.

  • Let Your Roots Breathe: The felt material is sturdy yet breathable for best plant health. The felt also retains moisture surrounding the root ball.

  • Swap Plants In and Out Easily: Change the look of your planter throughout the season. Add more herbs if needed. Use as a starter for larger plants to be transplanted.

  • Embellish Your Garden: Perfect hanging planter for plants, turning any unused or ugly area into a vibrant and lush vertical garden, freshness air and improve your health.


  • Material: Felt